Termination Without Reason

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Termination Without Reason

I have a concern about my current situation here in my work. They terminated me without any reason and as far as I remember I don’t have any issue or violations from their rules and regulations and I have been working with them for almost a year with a 2 years contract when they suddenly terminated me.

My previous company told me that they would give me a release and my visa was transferable and the indemnity I will receive is only 30 days of vacation leave only.

Here’s the thing: When I applied to join a different company the recruiter said that my visa is not yet transferable because it’s new. By the way, I came to Kuwait last November 2018 but I had my civil ID in June 2019 and that will expire by June 2020.

They issued it to me very late. I’ve been working with them since November 2018 to June 2019 without a civil ID and Baladiya. It means I’ve been carrying my Civil ID for about 3 months now from the date issued. How can I apply for a job in a different company if I have an issue with a visa? Can they really terminate me without any reason? Even if I have a 2 years contract with them? Why my back pay is only for 30 days of vacation leave only? I’m having a hard time applying for a job in a different company due to this issue. Hope you can help me. Thank you!

Name withheld

Answer: You have been put into this mess by the company which hired and fired you so let them deal with the mess that they themselves have created. In this regard, they have to keep you under their sponsorship to such time that it will be possible for you to do the transfer to another company.

As for being fired without assigning any reason, it is within the company’s right to do so and in a similar vein, the law enjoins them to make sure that your rights are not violated.

This means that the company must give you a reasonable time within which to transfer your residence as well as pay you all that is due to you.

Since you have worked with them for one year, you are entitled to two weeks’ salary as the end of service payment in addition to 30 days salary in lieu of the leave that you did take. If the company tries to prove recalcitrant we advise that you file a case against them at the Public Authority for Manpower to seek redress.


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