Transfer From Project Visa 18 To Private Visa 18

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Transfer From Project Visa 18 To Private Visa 18

I came to Kuwait on a direct company visa (project visa No. 18). My profession is a foreman and my salary is more than KD 600 per month. Having worked in this company for more than four years, is it possible to transfer from project visa No. 18 to private visa No. 18 if yes, could you please explain the procedures? I heard it is possible, but is that true? Kindly provide me with the correct information concerning the relevant law and regulations.

Answer: Under these scenarios which go with different fees charged, one can affect the transfer of visa. If you were originally brought to Kuwait on a project visa by your current company, the laws say that you can transfer only to another project visa of the same sponsor, or another project visa of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor under which if your sponsor has no objection, you can transfer to a private sector company. In short, there cannot be a direct transfer of government project visa to private sector company visa unless you first of all transfer the project visa to the general file of the sponsor and from here the possibility exists of transferring your visa to a private sector company visa after the payment of a fee.


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